Trattoria dell'Alba

A tavern full of History, lead by the 6th generation of Corbari family.
Simplicity and quality come with our traditional courses.

The story of the trattoria begins with Celestino in 1850, the cousin of our grandfather's grandfather, who decided to open a place of refreshment and change-horses on what has always been one of the main arteries connecting east and west of Northern Italy.

After a short time Celestino gave the place to the Corbari family who still manages it, after six generations, maintaining the warm simplicity of the outspoken people of the country and the proposal of the great baggage of traditions and culture deriving from family recipes and the territory.

Trattoria dell'alba from 1850
Trattoria dell'Alba - pig

The Antipasto of the tavern, our great classic.

The traditional welcome of country trattorias.
Pork greaves and bread, extraordinary cured meats long seasoned by "peaceful" pigs reared by a local farm, 'Belgrano' Bio flour polenta, exquisite crispy gardener, fresh goat tiny cheeses, the stewed snails of the peasant, the 'pes in aion '.. all this can be tasted, even for one person.
It is the business card of the tavern.

Trattoria dell'Alba - antipasto

The first.. original.. Pumpkin Tortelli

Pumpkin tortelli with sautéed sweet tomato of Piadena.

Symbol dish of our territory and the traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

The filling is made with pumpkin, amaretti, apple mustard.
Our seasoned tortello is special because of the peculiarity of our area, a land between Mantua and Cremona.

The sweet flavor of the filling is expertly balanced with the fresh acidity of the tomato and the dusting of Parmigiano Reggiano Mantovano.
Eventually, the soft passage in the oven makes the dish a real treat, ideal pairing with Lambrusco Mantovano wine.

Trattoria dell'Alba - Pumpkin Tortelli

Not only pumpkin tortelli!
 The other great classic that is never lacking is the “marubini” broths: a paste-shaped navel of Venus filled with beef stew and served in excellent broth made with different types of meat. The classic Christmas lunch plate.
The other pastas are made at the press using bronze dies: bigoli, maccheroni and tagliatelle are served with what the season offers, next to the great classics such as bigoli with sardines and macaroni with knife-made ragout.
Don’t miss our soups and the classic Mantua tripe in beef broth.

According to seasons, we always offer high quality truffles, from the prized white of the Po river floodplains to the black of the hills.

emotions start from the earth


The fruit chutney

Exquisite ancient recipe that allows you to keep fresh fruit in season for a long time.

Here this is the fruit chutney, inevitable on traditional menus, with a sweet and spicy taste, the classic accompaniment for the boiled mixture, an ingredient of pumpkin tortelli, excellent paired with medium and long seasoned cheeses.

We prepare in our kitchen different types of mustard with fresh seasonal fruit: from the classic apple, to the curious and more typical wild watermelon, to the always amazing and very spicy mandarins.
Possibility to buy takeaway.

Orange fruit chutney

Main course

With our main course proposal there is a substantial difference related to the season.
In the spring / summer period there is a large space for light and fresh dishes with extensive use of herbs and wild flowers: the chicken in agresto-recipe of Platina, bell stew with cherries, the old-fashioned tonnato from Artusi's recipe, the beef in galantina, the oven-degreased eel-recipe of great-grandmother Amedea.

In the winter season the inevitable boiled meats with mustard sauces, the Chianina breast-tip with sweet provolone, stewed tongue, the stewed pork cheeks, the goose in terragna: traditional method of cooking and preserving goose meat in his noble fat, baked cod.
These are just some dishes of our proposal that always follows the attention to freshness and quality of raw materials.

The terragna goose

Ancient recipe of Jewish origins.

In rural households, the need to create food supplies without the use of refrigerators was paramount.

In the tradition, the geese were slaughtered for San Martino, November 11th, when they were rather fatty and the meat flavored with the aromas of the herbs which the beasts had nourished themselves throughout the summer with.
Ours is a recipe that has always been handed down in our family.


Desserts of mettle

We like to say that our desserts are a certainty of the trattoria.
A simple but delicious proposal of desserts closes our menu, the classic sbrisolona with hot zabaione, chocolate salami, nougat semifreddo, the English mantovana soup, the sorbets of licorice and lemon or fresh fruit.

All prepared strictly with selected raw materials and without any addition of preservatives.

In Wine the Truth

Hi! Welcome! I am the Wine Card of the Trattoria dell'Alba di Vho.

I was born and grew slowly thanks to the passionate care and research by Omar and Ubaldo.
Of all friends and enthusiasts who shared sleepless nights to discuss whether it is better to drink a traditional Barolo or one of a more modern imprint, between a slice of salami and a bowl of marubini, and eventually drink both with the same satisfaction.
To wait for an old Bordeaux to open and then discover that when it opened it was better to drink it long before.
To discover that the tripe in broth is not so bad with an old-fashioned Champagne.

And that in the end the Lambrusco is always great for us of the lowland!

Inside me there are so many wines that the choice can be a bit tricky, but if you need an advice, there will always be those ready to help you.
This is how our wine list begins, immediately a passion that prevails over the territory and the real needs of "daily survival" (we could easily live with Lambrusco Mantovano) but the fascinating world of wine has enveloped us and so more and more let's go in search of particular products, more and more natural to marry to our dishes.
Both large, unobtainable bottles and incredible wines with excellent value for money.

To all this is accompanied by the selection of great value spirits.
Then a page, at the beginning, dedicated to the "lonely girls in search of company", those wines of which there are only one or two bottles left, offered at very affordable prices.

Ubaldo Bertoletti mobile
Omar Bertoletti

The sense that unites us is that of participating. Those who fail to grasp will not be able to fully enjoy what surrounds it.

Very simple and linear, the restaurant has not undergone substantial changes during its long history and this has kept unchanged the charm and the warmth of the past.
From the main road leads to an entrance hall, the osteria proper, where next to the old bar you can sit on wooden tables, from which you can see the kitchen.
Next to the tavern is a dining room with air conditioning of about 30 seats, very warm and familiar, with old tables set with white tablecloths and an adjoining room reserved for about 10 guests.
Outside, a pretty little flower-filled courtyard can accommodate 6-8 people.
The last renovation saw the expansion of the kitchen and the creation of a specific laboratory for the production of fresh pasta.
The rooms and bathrooms are easily accessible by disabled people.
There are no smoking areas inside.
Little animals are welcome.

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